[Tips]Buat Para Tanker Wajib Liat Nii

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[Tips]Buat Para Tanker Wajib Liat Nii

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:40 am

Counter=mudwall.awan item.angin yg muter klo kita diserang.heal yg 3x.revive.prayer.*lupa nama2 jurusna*
Nb:works kalo kamu pure tanker.stats smua equip ada hp x% ama stamina sukur2 ad opsi def jg.gem colok stam or hp x% liat bmv outfit.skil passive harus memdukung.soal outfit tanker paling mendukng yg passivena healing skill.pet wajib rice ball skill heal di pet wajib ada


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